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Contractual proofing quality for better color communication

PrimeProof is based on the technology that was used to build ProofMaster version 4. The technology is owned by GMG Color GmbH and will continue to be developed in order to respond to market needs and technological progress. PrimeProof supports the latest changes in measurement conditions (M0-M1-M2 and M3) and offers a proofing solution for the newest Fogra51 standard for ISO 12647:2013.

Flexibility without the premium price

PrimeProof is a full-fledged professional proofing and photo-printing software application. PrimeProof profivides effortless setup and allows for out-of-the-box contract proofs in line with the latest ISO 12647:2013 and other industry color standards.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing files for offset, gravure, newspaper, flexo- or screenprinting; Or you work for high-quality commercial print or packaging, PrimeProof’s color engine provides a consistent and accurate certified color proof.